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The No-Till Growers Podcast Network

Jun 5, 2023

Hi again, it's Natalie, and this is my last episode, THE last episode, of the fifth season of The No-Till Market Garden Podcast! I want to thank Farmer Jesse and the whole crew of the podcast for giving me the mic and so much freedom. It's been fun, and if you've learned even a fraction of what I have then I'll call it a win.

I am thrilled to bring you my conversation with Tatiana Schreiber of the Rich Earth Institute. We focus mainly on her work there regarding the social aspects of dry sanitation systems. Translation, how do people feel about using urine as fertilizer. You might be thinking, how could I even broach this topic after devoting a whole episode to PFAS and how the use of biosolids has lead to the contamination of soils that we are only beginning to understand. I encourage you to listen to this one. Not all human waste is created the same and if we care about big picture sustainability this is something we really need to talk about.

Check out their research and findings here