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Jan 2, 2023

For this episode, I, Natalie, spoke with Iago Hale about kiwiberries, which I realize is a fruit that a lot of you have probably never heard of, much less tried. In my excitement, I forgot to have him introduce himself! Iago is an associate professor of agriculture, nutrition, and food systems department at the University of New Hampshire. When I first met him, he was in the beginning of his kiwiberry research program and it's really cool to see how far it has come in the last decade. As a researcher myself, I strongly agree with Iago that it's our job to take risks that farmers can't afford to take and I love to see applied research that tries to address what future food systems will look like, including things like perennial plants and things that will work on small farms and things that are resistant to pests and diseases so they don't require a lot of external inputs. Here's Iago...

Mentioned in the show...

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The Hale Lab & Kiwiberry Research

Kiwi Korners Farm

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