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The No-Till Growers Podcast Network

May 8, 2023

Hey football fans, it's Mimi. And lest you be confused, today we're speaking with Jim Schultz of Red Shirt Farm--get it?--a 13 acre livestock + no-till veg farm in western Mass. He's been farming for more than a decade and came to farming later than he had originally planned (hence, Red Shirt). It's a long conversation, but the main reason I want you to stick it out is that not only has Jim done some of the coolest things, but when I reached out to him I was also thinking about the idea of the small farm held up as an ideal against scaling-up even regenerative agriculture and how it's difficult for me to talk about those two ideas in the same sentence, not to mention land ownership, and we have a deeply personal conversation about that as well as the behind the scenes version of what we, as farmers, go through.

Mentioned in the show...

Dr. Elaine Ingham's Soil Food Web

Advancing Eco-Agriculture 

The Bionutrient Food Association

Solawrap Greenhouse Coverings

Ecosystems Design Climate Battry

Slow Food International

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