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Mar 2, 2023

Hey everyone, it's Alex Ball, and on today’s episode of the podcast we talk to Liana Glass who, along with her partner Duncan, run City Beet Farm on leased yards and lots in urban Vancouver. These first generation farmers are actually the third owners of this farm! We dig deep on buying & valuing their farm business, partnering with local organizations & businesses, & mobile wash/pack solutions.

Mentioned in the show...

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The Super Rad City Beet Farm Mobile Wash/Pack Trailer
(PDF of the build process, costs, and tons of photos)

The City Beet Farm for Sale on Young Agrarians

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The City Beet Farm Website

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Tilth Soil amazing compost-based living potting soils and soil blends.

Orisha for wireless greenhouse+ automation, get 15% off with code "No Till Grower"

Real Organic Project for a whole farm certification program to distinguish crops grown in health soils.

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