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May 15, 2023

Buckle up for another NERDY episode of the podcast. For this one, I--Natalie--spoke with Andrea Jilling, an assistant professor of environmental soil chemistry at Oklahoma State University. It's just coincidence that this one follows so soon after Mimi's interview with Dr.  Cotrufo, as it's a nice continuation of that conversation about organic matter and carbon, but extending it to nitrogen, Andrea's area of research. Nitrogen is HUGE, it's in the air as both an inert gas and a greenhouse gas, it's in the soil as organic matter and inorganic molecules, it's even in some rocks. It's constantly changing and shifting in ways that are regulated by microbes, plants, humans, even lightning! In other words, it's complicated. There are economic and environmental implications regarding nitrogen management, and not just for farms spreading inorganic fertilizer, but for everyone. I can't promise that this conversation will help you create a fertility plan for you farm... in fact I'm pretty confident it won't. But, I think it provides an important link between thinking about carbon management and nitrogen management.

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