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Apr 10, 2023

Despite the risk of pivoting their business, Lindsay Steele of Garden Fort in Dexter, Michigan (outside of Ann arbor), chose to switch from farmers markets to direct-to-retail sales and ended up reaping unexpected rewards - from more time with his family to increased profitability.

In this episode, Alex Ball of Old City Acres and Lindsay dig deep into successfully shifting from farmers markets to direct-to-retail sales, selecting profitable crops for year-round production, how clever packaging and branding set their products apart, scaling-up and effectively managing farm labor, and how all of those things contributed to a better work/family balance while farming.

Also mentioned in this episode...

  • Follow Garden Fort on Instagram.
  • They use Rimol Greenhouses Nor'Easter series for year-round greens production.
  • Consider focusing more on high-profit-margin crops like salad greens for year-round production and potential wholesale opportunities.
  • Evaluate your farm's workflow (i.e. wash/pack) and systems (i.e. tarping, reduced tillage) to increase efficiency for a better work/life balance.
  • Consider the benefits of incentivising well-trained and returning farm workers and how that can contribute to the overall success of your farm.

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Real Organic Project for a whole farm certification program to distinguish crops grown in health soils.

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