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The No-Till Growers Podcast Network

Apr 3, 2023

We all know how important it is to start with a quality plant.

With a degree and experience in applied industrial ecology, Kurstin of Purple Springs Nursery  discusses the transition from IPM to regenerative agriculture in the nursery space. Her work at Purple Springs allowed her to explore innovative ways to improve plant health and soil quality. Kurstin's dedication to sustainable practices and her understanding of the intricacies of soil health and plant nutrition make her a great guest on perinneal production. Check out their website where you can download their free guide to regenerative agriculture. Also, garlic? Yes, garlic.

In this episode...

- Explore Advancing Eco Agriculture's website and learn from John Kemp's core concepts for plant health.

- Read the book Science and Agriculture by Arden Anderson to understand the importance of soil health.

- Implement the Morgan Extraction Method soil test (developed by Dr. Kerry Reams) to analyze and improve soil conditions.

- Apply plant SAP analysis to determine the nutritional needs of plants at different growth stages.

- Adopt regenerative principles in managing tree nurseries, including using mulch, living mulch, and cover crops.

- Utilize tools and equipment that help manage regenerative practices in tree nurseries without causing soil compaction.

- Focus on increasing plant growth efficiency to improve inventory management in tree nurseries.

- Read Agriculture and Transition by Donald Schneissman and Albrecht on Calcium to further enhance understanding of soil health and plant growth.




"Weeds tell you a lot about the condition of your soil. It can be messy when you're transitioning, but you're really challenging the status quo."

—Kurstin Barta


"A healthy plant will resist pests and disease, so how can we make these plants healthier?"

—Kurstin Barta


"Redefining what beauty means: does beauty actually mean clean rows or does it mean that rejuvenating your soil and focusing on what plants are actually doing?"

—Kurstin Barta


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