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Feb 13, 2023

Hi everyone, it's Natalie, and for this episode I talked with Ryan Fitzbeauchamp of Evening Song Farm in Vermont. Ryan and his wife Kara have an incredible story to get where they are today with a thriving year-round CSA (yes, you heard that right, a year-round CSA in Vermont!). They include what is often called rotational no-till on the farm and this is a production system that is near-and-dear to my heart. What I mean by rorational no-till is that, while they haven't eliminated tillage altogether, they have dramatically reduced it across the farm and completely eleminated tillage prior to some crops. This system is sort of a middle way to get many of the benefits of no-till without the herbicides associated with conventional no-till or the heavy reliance on mulch, compost, or other external inputs that many small-scale organic no-till farms rely on to get started.

Mentioned in the show...

The Evening Song Farmsite

Follow Evening Song Farm on Instagram

The USDA Climate Adaptation Fellowship (Northeast)

Tarping Guidecase Study of Evening Song Farm (w/ photo of toolbar)

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Real Organic Project for a whole farm certification program to distinguish crops grown in health soils.

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