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The No-Till Growers Podcast Network

Jun 6, 2022

So excited to share the first episode of the latest season of The Winter Growers Podcast with y'all so it can be on your radar in the Summer as you prepare for... well... your Winter production. Clara has a great lineup ahead, growers from the South as well as the Northern US and Canada, even some international growers. Subscribe to Winter Growers wherever you're hearing this one. Here is. Clara Coleman.

Kelli and Mike of Roots Farm, a certified-organic, diversified vegetable farm in Tiverton, RI, grow year-round on 1.5 acres using no-till, intensive farming methods and six moveable high-tunnels, each 30' x 48' in size. The use of moveable tunnels maximizes both time and space, utilizing three moves each year to optimize production, especially in the shoulder seasons. The biggest challenge of Winter growing for them is the management of humidity with row-covers in an unheated protected space. Although they've been farming full-time since 2014, they did not find financial stability until 2020, and now support their family and a crew of six.

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