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The No-Till Growers Podcast Network

Dec 19, 2022

Hey rebels, if you listen to this podcast you probably know that I, Mimi, am the lone wine person to date. So, since that's what I do, I thought I would poke some of my favorite people in wine and today I've got one of my BIG heroes. Eric Texier is a winegrower in the South of France. He’s known for being an early leader in not just better practices in the vineyard, going beyond the adoption of biodynamics, but he went on a journey to figure out how his soils could be improved and how that could improve wine quality and also build in resilience for his family in the future. He's a native to Bordeaux, didn't come from a wine family, which is uncommon because it's really difficult to just buy a vineyard in France, and was a nuclear engineer before wine. Surprise, surprise, he wanted to do something else. A self made wine maker, very opinionated, not afraid to stoke the fire and call out bulls***… It was a super fun conversation, his wines are incredibly expressive, and he has a genuine humility about his process. We get into his vineyards, his wine-making, terriors and regenerative practices, and I just can't wait to share this conversation with you. I highly recommend looking for his wines, they're accessibly priced, and you can check out his website at

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