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Apr 8, 2024

There is nobody who does more awesome headlines than the British. Especially the tabloids, so good. They can even manage to talk about things like compost in a way that almost brings tears of joy…

“Posh compost that’s entry level.” -The Times
“Luxury manures, the sweet smell of success.” -The Times
“Twenty pounds for a tiny bag of poo? What really goes into luxury compost?” - The Guardian

Don’t be put off by “luxury compost” because our guests today are quite down to earth. Today, Mimi is speaking with The Land Gardeners Bridget and Henrietta, two incredible women, who are former lawyers who came together over a shared love of soil and a hopeful vision of the future. They are known world-wide for producing some of the most extraordinary landscapes and coveted cut-flowers.

The Land Gardeners Beautiful Website, where you can take their courses and buy their stunning books & tools.

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