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Nov 21, 2022

Tell Dr. Mimi where it hurts, because I've got the cure. Be it bread or beer, it all starts with grain. Today, we get to do all of my favorite things, which is to combine bread, beer, and rock stars. Andy Cato, half of the band Groove Armada, is the co-founder of a super-rad farm project, Wildfarmed, growing no-till regenerative grains. It's taken a lot of trail and error, and we get into his systems and how he makes it all work: rotations, equipment, producer groups, etc. for facilitating the change he wants to see on the land.

In short, Andy is "an award-winning mixed arable and livestock farmer. Once a successful Grammy nominated musician, Andy gave that up after reading about the dire state of modern food production. He went on to spend over a decade trying to find a more restorative and sustainable way of growing food. Whilst farming in France, Andy was awarded the Chevalier l'Order Merit de Agricole - the equivalent of a knighthood for services to agriculture. Now back on British soil, Andy is on a mission to help other farmers adopt the Wildfarmed system."

If you've ever thought about how to grow grains on a small scale regeneratively, this one's for you. Because we've got to figure that part out. The sourdough and beer are what's keeping me going.

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