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Nov 28, 2022

Natalie here. When Jesse asked me to be a guest-host, I knew I wanted to dedicate an episodeto the subject of PFAS contamination, but I didn't think it would be a good first episode, because it's really not uplifting. It's one of those topics that makes it hard to keep sitting up straight. But, since I've been behind the ball on getting more episodes going--and Jesse tells me there's a lot of intrest in this topic--I decided to go for it. For the vast majority of growers out there, PFAS contamination on your farms isn't going to be an issue, but it is something farmers may want to be aware of when looking for land or buying inputs like compost or straw mulch, and especially when making compost with various feedstocks. To learn more about PFAS, I spoke with Caleb Goossen, the organic crop and conservation specialist at MOFGA.

And I promise there will be more uplifting epsides in the future.

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