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The No-Till Growers Podcast Network

Dec 12, 2022

*Update: The SeedLinked participatory variety trials are LIVE on their website and this year include cherry tomato and colored pepper trials AND a NO-TILL squash trial!*

Nicolas of SeedLinked and Julie of University of Madison Wisconsin are leaders in participatory plant breeding. They are helping develop varieties that are regionally adapted to the traits that matter for direct market growers like most of you! They've developed a platform to make it easier to include farmers in variety trials to select for things like taste. I know everyone listening is involved in farming or gardening, largely because you know that not all tomatoes and carrots are created equal. Variety matters. Production practices matter. How long it takes to get the product into the hands of the customer matters. Truth be told, I do not have the personality to be a direct market farmer, so props to all of you out there, but when I WAS farming and someone would tell me they never liked brussels sprouts until they ate MY brussels sprouts, it was one of the most rewarding feelings. So, what Nicolas and Julie are doing in their participatory plant breeding work is trying to spread that feeling by increasing our collective capacity for developing new and amazing varieties. The website for their project is

Their work is truly inspiring and we hope some of you growers out there can get involved!

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Download the SeedLinked App

Follow SeedLink on Instagram and keep up with their work

Participate in a variety trial (sign-ups page)

Organic Association of Kentucky Annual Conference

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University of Wisconsin-Madison and their new certificate in organic agriculture.

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